Spotlight: 50’s Prime Time Cafe


Disney has countless themed restaurants, each one more unique than the next. One of my favorites is in Hollywood Studios, and it takes the shape of a family home in the 1950’s. The 50’s Prime Time Cafe really pulls out all the stops, and eating there is more of an entertainment experience than anything else.

The lobby of the cafe is decorated like a suburban living room, with big, comfy couches and TV screens playing black and white sitcoms. The hosts and hostesses yell out names across the room and really play up the atmosphere as if they’re calling you to dinner at home.

The restaurant itself is set up like an old-fashioned kitchen, and the entire aesthetic is really authentic, right down to the classic television sets. But the best apart about eating at 50’s Prime Time Cafe is the interactions with the waiters and waitresses. These people are just as dedicated as the park’s character performers, and really nail their role as strict 50’s figures. They’ll scold you for putting your elbows on the table and ask you to set the table to take dishes back to the kitchen. And watch out if you don’t finish your food! The experience here is always hilarious, especially for first timers that don’t know what to expect. The food is classic diner/mom’s kitchen style, and it’s usually a decent meal. More than anything, you should check out 50’s Prime Time for an experience you won’t find anywhere else in Disney.


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  1. Wow! Can’t wait to go here in June, such a great blog!! x

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