Spotlight: Disney History

If you’re interested in the man behind the magic or any of his original projects, you can learn about Walt and the early Disney animations at several cool attractions in Hollywood Studios. These relaxing walk-throughs and exhibits are perfect for some down time you might have on your trip, and will appeal to fans that grew up on Disney Renaissance films or those who aspire to be Imagineers.

For a unique perspective on Walt and his imagination, you’ll want to check out Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream. This attraction is like a step back in time, with antique items from Walt’s childhood home and original proposals for Disney World. You can see retro animations and models for future rides in the parks. There’s a lot to browse here, and aside from being an insider look at the very place you’re vacationing in, you’ll also get a nice, air-conditioned break from the hustle and bustle of the parks (especially if you stay for the 15-minute movie at the end!).

IMG_0770 IMG_0787


You should also stop by the Magic of Disney Animation, which offers behind-the-scenes glimpses at the makings of the classics like Snow White and The Little Mermaid. Original sketches are on display, and the attraction even functions as the office of several artists who will doodle right in front of you. Check some concept art and discarded drawings, as well as storyboards and gorgeous, in-depth paintings. You can also participate! Young ones will enjoy making their own sketches and learning the basics of animation.

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