Animal Kingdom Overview


One of the most unique parts of Disney World is its famed Animal Kingdom, which strays away from the traditional theme park format in order to bring vacationers an authentic adventure into the heart of Africa and Asia. The park features up-close animal encounters, wild safari rides, and a even a run-in with an animatronic yeti! At the heart of it all is the Tree of Life, Disney’s special homage to the idea that we are all connected.

Animal Kingdom is divided into the following areas:

The Oasis

This area of the park is dedicated to nature: it features several walking paths filled with exotic trees and animals, each of which ultimately leads you to the Tree of Life.

Discovery Island

Discovery Island lies at the heart of Animal Kingdom, and is home to the Tree of Life. Seeing this breathtaking landmark is a must for your trip, and if you’re bringing PIXAR fans along, be sure to check out It’s Tough to Be a Bug, the 4D show based on A Bug’s Life.


Inspired by the village of Harambe, Animal Kingdom has recreated an authentic African community. This cultural experience features traditional African cuisine and entertainment, and is home to the one and only Kilimanjaro Safaris. These rides take you directly into an African savanna, where you’ll get up close to giraffes, hippos, alligators, and – if you’re lucky – even lions!

Rafiki’s Planet Watch

This area of Animal Kingdom is perfect for the vacationer that wants to learn more about the animals that call Disney home. Rafiki’s Planet Watch features a unique backstage look at the animals’ habitats, and even has a petting zoo area for young kids.


A land that is sure to delight vacationers of all ages, Asia features both stunning architecture and thrilling rides. If you’re looking to explore the culture, check out the Jungle Trek or Flights of Wonder, where you can observe animals in their natural habitat. Feeling brave? Be sure to stop by Expedition Everest, Disney’s highest roller coaster, where you’ll head into the heart of the mountain and contend with a ferocious yeti.

Dinoland, U.S.A.

Dinoland is a tribute to the animals of our past, and is filled with prehistoric attractions and dining experiences. Little ones will want to check out The Boneyard (where they can dig up dinosaur fossils), and adults will want to take a spin on Dinosaur, a thrilling trip through time.

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